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A little while ago I got my self a Nikon D7000, telling myself that I would not buy a housing for it...I already have a D80 and Sea and Sea housing, so I don't need a new housing...
Well, so much for that. The D7000 is such a step forward compared to the D80 that I just don't want to use the D80 anymore...

So, after a lot of thought I decided that I would be getting a housing for it.
I'd read Alex Mustards review of the Nauticam NA-D7000 on Wetpixel, so arranged with Alex Tattersall of Underwater Visions to have a look at the housing for myself in Bournemouth.

I have to say that this is an extremely well engineered housing, with massive attention to detail, full of gears and clever solutions. Machined from solid aluminium, as pretty much all of the better housings are now.
It is with out doubt the most ergonomic housing I have ever held.
Pretty much every control you need can be operated with a finger or thumb with out moving your hands from the handles. Brilliant.

The shutter release is very responsive and gives good tactile feed back. It's easy to feel the half click position, almost as good as my Sea and Sea housing, however the Nauticam is geared to prevent over-travel.
To achieve this level of feed back with a geared arrangement is impressive.
Although I couldn't tell this yesterday with Alex's camera because Alex has reassigned the AE/AF lock button to AF-ON, which deactivates AF on the shutter release.

The housings latch mechanism is a really neat piece of work. Very easy to use, no force required, and has a lock mechanism to prevent accidental operation.
Every thing with the housing is well thought out and easy to use, the camera just slides in easily and then you pop the back on. No struggle to align gears or controls, no fiddley latches.
Just good, solid engineering.

Well happy, so I bought one.

After I got in my car travel home I looked at the time, and realised that my wife and I had been at Alex's for over three hours... I can't over praise Alex's service. My wife and I had a great time. Lots of tea and chocolate!
Alex ensured I was happy with the housing, fitted my Inon viewfinder for me (nice and straight, thanks Alex ;) ) and pressure tested the housing using his chamber.
On the whole, a very pleasant afternoon.

I'd highly recommend the NA-D7000, Alex Tattersall (Underwater Visions) and Nauticam in general.


PS. Anyone want to buy a D80 and housing? ;)

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