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DAN Diving Medicine / Physiology / Safety Public Lecture Series

DAN Headquarters, 6 West Colony Place, Durham, North Carolina, USA, NC 27705

The fourth installment of the 2012 series will be held at DAN HQ in Durham on Wednesday 3rd October. There is no charge for these lectures and registration is not required.


The Deep End of Diving Science with Dr Matias Nochetto

This presentation dissects recompression therapy into fundamental effects. These include primary effects of pressure-volume changes and gas concentration gradients, and secondary effects of hyperbaric oxygen at tissue and cellular levels. Discussion will then address how these secondary mechanisms of action provide benefit in treating clinical ailments other than decompression illness (DCI).

Light refreshments will be provided before the talk begins.
Doors open at 18:15

Please share this information with any who may be interested. Further event information is available from the DAN website (www.dan.org/events) or 919-684-2948.
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