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NDAC 18th April

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Well despite MrMint's Cartman stylee tantrum


we did manage to go for a dive today. Below 30m the viz wasnt too bad, but in the shallows it was down to about 2" in some places.

We dropped down to 53m or thereabouts, and swam along the wall & back. I tried a deep bailout and proved to myself that my reg was still working after its recent service. I did forget that my stage removal skills are hopeless when wearing 3 finger mitts but MrMints kindly clipped my cylinder back on for me.

Then we came back over the lip heading for the big plane. MrMints congratulated me a few times on my navigation but to be honest, if you keep zig-zagging in the general direction of north you are bound to hit something!

Finally we got back to the platforms, and I had about 10 mins of deco racked up up due to being on an air diluent. So I decided to do a shallow bailout onto my 50% mix - stupid idea after being in 7degC water for over 70 mins. A combination of 3 finger mits, frozen fingers, and a mouthpiece barrel on my ybod meant that I successfully bailed onto my reg and proved that one too was working, but I couldnt then re-open my loop so was stuck on my bailout reg for the last 5 mins :embarassed:

Never mind, a good dive all round and I proved to myself that all my kit was working (even if my fingers werent). I met Razza for the first time, and said hello to EllieCee & Mark Powell again. JohnontheSevern was earning his keep on the pontoons with two people being put on oxygen.

And if anyone has lost a set of wetnotes under the 45m shot line, Al Wright has them unless they were handed into the shop. (I think they came from some OC divers who were going up the shot as I was going down it).
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When I woke up I really didn't feel up for diving, but I'm glad I did. It was good fun despite the pants viz (thank goodness for yellow fins and YBOD!)

Next time we go I'll take your lead and do some deep bailouts, just really couldn't be bothered on that dive, I was too busy trying to get used to the side mounts...
so, you're ready then :)
Oh yeah man!! Can't wait.

Have you got any dates in July for doing some 35-45m stuff??
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