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NDAC Chepstow Vis ?

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Thinking of taking my boy (JOW) down to chepstow tomorrow or monday - he likes all the bits at the shallowend - i know the vis was a bit poor last week - anyone know if it has improved this weekend ?


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much much better. You could see the 6m platform from the surface. Some people were saying they were seeing 15m in some places. I'd come down tomorrow as the viz will be getting worse as the weekend continues. ;)
Had at least 10m viz there today. Very nice...
That's good news - I'm off there tomorrow and was worried at the rain today and yesterday might have reduced the viz,
The viz was great in some places (and not so great in others). Surprisingly the shallow end with all the wreckage in was very good (apparently the pit was even better still). I managed to get some photos and do some training so I was happy. I also got to meet some YD folk which was good.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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