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OK, kind of complicated, but what's the chances of diving anywhere near Prague? Is it in Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, or whatever they're calling it these days?

Could be for more than a weekend, so if there's any knowledge of decent clubs out there who could cater for a Digger that would be handy. Or if there's sites which would take a bit of travelling they're in the frame.

If there's any YDers over there (I have no idea how to find that out) or who have spend significant time there (and that doesn't include a long weekend stag do) that might be handy too.

Of course all this might be a complete waste of time in a few weeks time, but I'd like to be well armed for this sort of decision, and if it means no diving for a while then it might sway things a bit. :)



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I'll ask......

I'm working there from next weekend for a few days, our local guy is a diver so I'll get the scope from him!

Lávka is were the course is being held :D wonder if I'll see any of the participants :teeth: or faculty for that matter :rolleyes:

Kapr Divers S-3698
nám. Svatopluka Cecha 1346/2
Praha / Prague 10
CZ 101 00
Ph.: (420) 2 72739456
Fax: (420) 2 72739456
Does Wreck Diver & Tec Rec Deep so might know what you would like ;)

Divepoint S-32026
Lipova 8 / 1650
Praha / Prague 2
CZ 120 00
Ph.: (420) 2 24918480
Fax: (420) 2 24918488

Trigger S-3296
Belohorska 274/9
Brevnov, Praha / Prague 6
CZ 169 00
Ph.: (420) 233-351711
Fax: (420) 220-516407

Happy Divers S-35372
Na Vaclavce18
Praha 5
CZ 15000
Ph.: (420) 251 564098
Fax: (420) 251 564098

Octopus Divers S-3697
Korunni 81/ 1172
Praha / Prague 3
CZ 130 00
Ph.: (420) 2 22511765
Fax: (420) 2 22511765

I'm afraid the websites are mostly in Czech speak!
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