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neck and wrist seals

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Hi just had my membrane suite fitted with neoprene seals as I was getting fed up with the laytex ones going sticky after only a couple of seasons. I always washed and talced them up after diving and the suit was kept in the dark but still they went sticky. After complaining to the well known dive shop at Bradford I got no joy or discount so I had neoprene fitted instead. Its been over 20 years since I had neoprene seals and I was wondering if with the wrist seals you turn them in like you do the neck seal. I forgot to ask them at the shop (silly me). Any advice would be appreciated. Also does any one else think that the quality of latex seals are not as good as they used to be? Thanks.:mad:
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No need to fold in the wrist seals, do the neck about 1 inch, make sure it sits flat against the skin...
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