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Please remember the following tips when asking to meet new buddies or arranging meetings:

1. Be wary of giving out personal information such as your address, phone numbers etc. Use the PM function or email to arrange meets with new buddies. Once posted on the forums, your personal details are placed in the 'public domain' and can be viewed by anyone.

2. If arranging a meeting with someone you have not met before, where possible take a friend along or meet at a public place (eg Stoney Cove or Capernwray).

3. Make sure someone knows where you are going and who you are meeting including expected return time. It may also be wise to post the above on the boards as well.

4. Be wary of accepting offers of lifts etc.

These suggestions are not the result of anything that has happened on Yorkshire Divers but we cannot vouch for every member who signs up and the above are simply good sense in arranging to meet anyone new.

Safe Diving.
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