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Change of plan - parents decided to come down this weekend, so looks like Sunday's a no go anyway!  Will want to do something in the next couple of weeks, so if anyone local to me fancies a dip, give me a shout and we'll organise something.
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The club had organised a day at Horsea this Sunday, so i was going to go along and do some drills, generally bimble about just to get wet. Due to lack of instructors available, this has been called off, but I REALLY want to get wet. Does anyone have a space on Sunday - south coast preferred, shore dive/rib preferred o/w hard boat, would like something aroud 20M mark.
Can anyone help? SAA Club Diver (PADI AOW+Rescue Equivalent), nitrox qualified, twin 12's plus all own gear (drysuit), although I only have air in my cylinders at present (didn't see the point of 40% for Horsea!)
PM/mail me if you have amthing.
Regards, and dive safe
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