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Hi everyone - please help, I need some advice.
Quick bit of history, my life fell apart a few months ago, (lost my wife and my home) so I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a dive master to work abroad diving during the (now very lonely) winter months.
I am hoping to get my divemaster qualification early next year (Jan / feb) when I’m in Thailand, but need to log 16 more dives first.
All my dives have been abroad so I don’t have my own kit -don’t have the storage or the money. I was supposed to log these dives during recent travels but couldn’t dive due to the storms across south east Asia.
so … what is the best way for me to log these dives? I need to do it as cheaply as possible and I have limited time due to work commitments. Dives could be anywhere in the uk.
any advice would be amazing!
Thanks in advance
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