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A new charter boat Marna has just started out of Lymington - Hampshire. Skipper is HSE Scientific/Archaeological and Media Diver and BSAC member.

We have only just started to take bookings this week for the 2011 season, so calender is still pretty open for 2011 season. If your club is stuggling to book the dates they require, then give us a call and discuss your requirements.

We also specialise in archaeological and biological survey and are able to offer HSE Dive Contractor services through our partner company, Marna Scientific Diving Services, if your looking to undertake a project requiring HSE assistance just let us know.

Hard Boat with Side Scan Sonar, colour depth finders etc.. full diver lift, toilet, tea and coffee facilities. MCA Coded 2 x crew + 10 Passengers/divers. Free oxygen if required.

Specialising in inshore wrecks around western Wight. Beginners to Tech accomodated.

For further details please visit our website or give us a call.

* More Boat pictures coming soon.
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