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The U-boat wreck off Dungeness you're scheduled to dive with Andy might be UC 50 -- or it might not.

In a nutshell, HMS Zubian is generally credited with sinking the UC 50 off Dungeness on February 4, 1918. The problem is that we now know this attack was actually against UC 79 (which was damaged but not sunk) and UC 50 was already a week overdue at the time. The Royal Navy told the Germans postwar though that they had found and identified UC 50 but, very strangely, not how they had done so. The RN files have not been located yet and may no longer exist.

What Andy and company (including yourself) will be doing Saturday is helping Ron Young and I figure out what really happened. That includes determining how the U-boat may have been sunk and trying to identify her.

Best wishes,

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