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I am a diving addict. There....now thats off my chest, a little more about me.

I have been diving for around 10 years now. Mostly shore diving, with the odd holiday dip here and there.

Recently I have started to 'Boat dive' more!!...Wow...Now I know what I have been missing!:)

Up until now, I have been using a single tank set up, but have twin 10's banded to an old Buddy Trimix Jacket aswell which I have started to use more recently.

I have the option of some twin 12's which I am thinking of getting to further my diving when I am ready. So will be asking about wings and back plates and all the other 'gumf' that goes with it.

I have been looking at this site for information for quite a while, and finally decided to join so I can ask all the 'stupid' questions I can think of without being judged!! Much!!

I am currently a Padi Rescue diver with deep speciality, with around 200 dives to my name. Also I am thinking of proceeding down a more technical route. ( So watch out for more questions soon!!)

Please....treat me gently!!:teeth:
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