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Hi YD,
I'm travelling to North England and environs 25 April to 8 May.
Would enjoy meeting up with fellow Scuba enthusiasts in UK.

Will bring some of my local Oz video footage and pics to show if you are interested. Just the usual stuff - seadragons - tropical fish - turtles...

A local dive (just for the bragging rights would be good also, but as I am the prize exhibit for relatives - it'll be tight.

I have a car, and 'relative' accomodation, and a few places I want to see, including some follies, the Deep in Hull etc, but am flexibilish. (and obviously not literate.

I know its short notice, but thats my life...too busy too often so I have to squeeze in as much as I can, when I can.

And of course, any local club stickers, and tee shirts too.
(As you all know, its not only doing the foreign dive but posing about it for ever more thats important.)

Hope to hear from you and G'day from Brisbane

Ed :teeth:

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G'day Bouyant Babe & All.


As you may have guessed, the problem with Oz is distances.

A couple of weeks back I was in Sydney, flew to Adelaide, went diving with the Leafy Seadragons, flewback to Sydney, then drove (10 hours) back to Brisbane.

The drive alone is around 1,000 km.

Last time I was in England was 1968, and I recall diddlysquat, so have little concept of local travel times.

I will stay with my favourite Aunt Anita in Middlesbrough, but want to also zoom around to see other places such as Nelson (birthplace) and Blackpool (OH my goodness is it really as tacky as I remember), Morecombe (holiday camp memory), etc. on my short visit.

If I can squeeze in a day dive, and a dive club meeting, it'd be grand.

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