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Hi All,

After having had my UKD4R mysteriously disapear from my suitcase on the way to Malta the other month I am in the market for a new torch.

I didnt really rate the UKd4R and am using this as an excuse to do a cheeky upgrade - but not too much of an upgrade, purse strings very tight at the mo.

I was looking at one of these puppies http://www.deepbluedive.com/product.aspx?id=9763

If the link doesnt work its a GreenForce Arrow 6.

I want something wrist mountable and have about £160 to spend. Will do second hand and too.

Any thoughts,



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I managed to get a second hand 10w hid umbilical off ebay last year for £180. It is brilliant! If I were you, I'd watch ebay for a bit to see if any umbilicals come up, they fit on the back of your hand too.

Mine has a 4 hour burn time and takes 12 hours to charge from dead.

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