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New YD episodes: interviews, Underwater Olympics and Crystal River Manatees

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Hello all,

In the meantime we've posted more new episodes:

Crystal River Manatees by Liquid Productions

This video is an informational piece on the Florida Manatee. One of the most gentile creatures you could ever be in the water with! I hope you find it fun, educational and touching.
The Florida manatee, a subspecies to the West Indian manatee is the largest of all living sirenians. They can be found in fresh water rivers, and are completely adapted to an aquatic lifestyle.

MenaDive in Safaga - Your Divebase in the Red Sea

Within the hotel Menaville Christa, Laurenz and their team offer since 1992 diving vacation for the finest of sensations.
The modern diving center offers generous space, is exemplary equipped and will also impress you!

The Egyptian Chamber of Diving and WaterSports by Submerge Productions

To get the most from your diving holiday, whether you are an expert diver or just a beginner, you should pick a safe and well-equipped diving center suitable for your needs. With a myriad of diving centres in the Red Sea, it is not easy to know which ones are up to par, and which ones you should avoid.
The Chamber of Diving and Watersports, founded by Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism in 2007, was appointed to improve quality, safety and standard of services in the diving and watersports industry, as well as to preserve unique environment of the Red Sea.

Underwater Olympics by Bruno Vanherck

On the occasion of the Olympic Games in 2008, it seemed like a good idea to follow the Belgian Olympic team under water during their training sessions. Although these trainings take place in top-secret locations, we were able to find the team! This funny movie shows the outstanding underwater performance of a select group of “top athletes”, supervised by a few big sharks.
A clip with a wink.

Diving to 300 meters with Mark Ellyatt by Submerge Productions

While most of us divers are happy diving in 20-40 meters of water, there are technical divers who descend to depths of perhaps 100 meters. Only a very select group of people on the planet have done extreme depths, diving to the edge of reason and beyond. A few years ago, Mark Elyatt descended to 300 meters. We wanted to find out why he wanted to do such a dangerous expedition, and what deep diving does to the human body. How do you plan for a dive that goes beyond every known depth limit? And what do you do when things really go wrong? A conversation about ambition, danger and crisis situations.

The Blue Hole of Belize by Evan Kovacs

The Great Blue Hole is an underwater sinkhole, located in the middle of Lighthouse Reef, an atoll off the coast of Belize. With a diametre of about 1000 feet, and a depth of 412 feet, this perfectly circular sinkhole has become a very famous divespot that is part of the Barrier Reef of Belize.
It was Jaques-Yves Cousteau, who brought this spot to the attention of the public, when in 1971, ha came with his ship “the Calypso”, to chart its depths. Originally a limestone formation, the roof of this cave collapsed. Today, it features stalactites, which proves that the cave used to be above sea level during the last Ice Age.
John and cameraman Evan Kovacs, attempt to plan and execute an extreme technical dive to the bottom of the famous Blue Hole of Belize. Not an easy task.

All of these podcasts can be found in one of the SVARnet channels: Underwater Adventures, Interviews and Sit Back and Relax.


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