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Another Boot interview is online. We managed to get Dr. Adel Taher in front of the camera, to discuss the importance of the hyperbaric chamber in Egypt.

In the hyperbaric chamber with Dr. Adel Taher

by Submerge Productions

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the chamber is the diver’s best friend. This remarkable phrase was discussed at the Boot show with Dr. Adel Taher, founder and director of the Diving chamber of Dahab and Sharm EL Sheik in Egypt. Every year, thousands of divers come to the Red Sea, to enjoy the magnificent underwaterworld. Most of them take only good memories home. But what happens when things go wrong? What if you need a recompression chamber? How is the chamber organized?

Dr. Adel Taher explains us why a chamber was needed in Egypt, why the chamber was built in a very particular way, and what kind of diving accidents they encounter mostly. He’s proud to say that since opening the Sharm Recompression chamber, it has been operational every single day, without failure.

You'll find the podcasts in the "Interviews" channel.


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