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I'm quiet, shy and I blush a lot... honestly!
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Swanage 26 May 2007

Well after advice as to what time to arrive to get a spot on the pier……. We got there at 6.05am and parked up to meet our other early driver (will call him T for The Boss!)

We were booked on Sidewinder for the day to do our first real UK sea diving of the year (and for some, including my buddy - HWMBO the first ever UK sea dive). I’m not an experienced diver in the UK (bar puddles and a few times at Swanage and Oban o and never forgetting that Dover weekend!) saying that I tried to hold my nerve and make sure HWMBO was comfortable and happy doing the dives.

We went for an early breakfast – open at 7am – after a look along the pier and watching Swanage Diver and Smooth Hound go off for their first dives. So after breakfast we were still waiting for everyone to arrive – our get on boat time wasn’t until midday! So off we trundle along the pier again ………. Watch Smooth Hound come back in then hear “Hey are you blondie from Yorkshire Divers” being shouted out loudly …….. EEEEEEEEEEEKS now I’m shy but since I was with a red head and a baldie…. guess I couldn’t really say no …. EEEEEEEKS – “erm hello” This was Mike of course! Think he got some pee taking done about this all day by Paul (PW1664) who was on the boat at the time!

Anyway to get on with the diving….. The Valentine Tanks was the first planned dive, we were briefed by T and then loaded the kit and were briefed by Dave the skipper. So off we toddle, I get HWMBO and myself ready so he has no time to worry and so I can try and avoid my usual sea sickness. So we get teamed up with A and J (two divers I know well and who are also DMTs with me at T’s place). So we’re in first, HWMBO and J were first time UK sea divers so a bit of heavy breathing and worry started once in the water so I said let’s get under and you’ll forget the worry and just get on and dive as you have done many times before, they agree so down we go, first mistake happens, we just go down NEAR the line but not holding onto the line…… guess what we didn’t find when we got down to the bottom…… oh yeah the tanks! D’oh stupid mistake but all down and comfy…. so off we go trying to find the tanks……….. hmmmmmm I’m sure I’ve seen them somewhere near here before …… erm could we find them ….. nope no hope…. So we look at some wild life and after about 25mins we decide to launch smbs (still a newish thing for me but HWMBO and I had run through this at Wraysbury a week before so felt a little bit more comfy about it than I’d thought). We came up and to be honest I was a bit disappointed at not having seen the tanks…. HWMBO would have loved them I know :angry: Getting back on the boat was fun as usual with the side lift. Nevertheless we’d done a dive, even if not the planned dive and were safe! Main objective ticked!

Back on boat and it’s drinks all around and then it hits again…… I feel sick! Damn we forgot the sturgeon or whatever the name is! Oh well HWMBO is now looking after me and making sure I’m ok.

So back on land and walking back to the car we bump into the loud pee taker on the other boat with Mike this morning…… u oh he calls to us ….. “blondie”…… ok here we go again I’m blushing again! Anyway then when he introduced himself we realised who each other were as we’d chatted on YD as we have old friends in common from his BSAC club. Funny how someone who you know is an experienced diver can put you so at ease and make you really feel welcome to the diving community and just talk openly without all the macho I’m a great diver rubbish you hear from time to time. Anyway Paul, a great thanks from Andrew and I for your chat…. even though you made us miss the burger van before our next dive! Haha.

So off we go again, next dive, Fleur de Lys. I’ve done this each time I’ve been to Swanage and have had some reasonable currents there before (although great for the drift afterwards but bit worrying as HWMBO isn’t too comfy with currents yet – don’t really get them at Stoney eh!). We’re off in buddy pairs, we get in and down the line(!!!), HWMBO is getting down fine and really getting the feel for this dry suit malarky and I’m getting on fine with my new dry suit (old suit had cuff dump and this one has auto shoulder dump). We go around the Fleur about three times and then smb up and off. No current at all so we just swam away from the Fleur in the hope of seeing something…… We saw some amazing little things but not a lot again really. Anyway we go up and our safety stop is much better. Up on the surface the sea sickness hits before I’m back on the boat :frown: so again HWMBO is now looking after me.

We had a lovely day, my face is red, burnt from the sun and wind not just from the blushing! Back home by 9.30pm so a long exhausting day but it was GREAT because we’d dived safely and experienced something new again together!

What I’ve learnt of the day: GO DOWN THE RUDDY LINE!, my breathing is definitely heavier when I’m diving with my other half but mainly that I can look after him and he after me. So now what’s next …. a couple more trips to Stoney/Wraysbury and then hit the UK seas again! If we weren’t doing up our place and also planning our marriage I think we’d hit the sea a lot quicker! HWMBO has definitely got the bug and wants to dive dive dive… :)

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nice trip report blondie, sorry if I caused you :embarassed: to blush :wink:
in my defence I did preface my comment with "excuse me" :angel:
there were a few yd'ers on the pier this weekend, and saturday certainly saw the best of the weather.
see you on the pier some time:teeth:
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