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This weekend saw a small group of use head down to Sussex for a dip in the sea, having most weekends since xmas we were in need of a dive where we could actually see something!

Making the most of the BH weekend we made up our minds to do two days Friday and Monday.

Friday we headed down to Newhaven to meet up with Alan skipper of the rib MacD, on arriving Alan was no where to be seen, this started me thinking if I got the times right, a call to Alan confirmed that I has a complete muppet and we had got there 3 hours too early, not a problem as Alan just got his stuff and headed down to the boat yard minus the tea.

Our first dive was going to be Brighton pier so after a short rip along the cost we rolled over the edge into reasonable visibility of 2-3 meters down to 1 meter in places, so we spent 60 mins looking around under the items not many fish and but plenty of crabs to terrorise and blind with the torch, max depth 8 meters idle for me to try out the new drysuit that I brought from the dive show.

Second dive was a drift own the coast, nothing rapid but it gave us the chance to rummage abound in the gullies just off the chalk cliffs, again 60 mins max depth 8 meters.

On Monday we again returned to Newhaven with the hope that we could get out on a wreak or two but Alan had been out Sunday and reported were that the vis was total crap so we made other plan.

First dive was a local drift off splashy point again the vis was not all that, 1-2 meters max but the current was slack and we again went in search of large crabs and lobsters and managed to bag a few crabs but no lobsters, again 60mins max depth 12 meters.

After a short break we returned to the location of our second dive, this time the vis was much better with good light penetration, managed to find a BIG lobster but I was to chicken to put my hand in a pull it out, I must get an hook! Saw a few large cuttle fish again 60mins with max depth 11 meters.

Over all a great weekends diving out on a great rib.

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