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I'm looking for a dive buddy with local knowledge of Beadnell and Embleton Bay. To dive during the week or weekend.
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I've dived Beadnell a good few times, snorkelled in the bay in Low Newton but not tried to dive it yet, don't know about Embleton though, ain't heard of anybody diving there before, but I'd be willing to check it out wit cha if you like.
Q: aren't you based in Jockland? Any reason for the interest in these little places?

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Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply, check for PM.
It looked on the map a good area for snorkelling, I thought I might take a look.  We have been getting so many days of strong Westerly winds which cause bad vis and conditions on my side of the Clyde and I fancy a change from the Lochs.
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HI Guys
Drop me a line if you need info on diving Beadnell reefs at the south end of the bay and Newton etc. Some cracking reefs that can be reached by a long snorkel out in the south end of  Beadnell Bay.

Cheers Ron
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Hi Ron, Thanks for your offer.  Coming so far, we often don't have the time to spend searching for the areas best features. Local knowledge saves much time and wasted effort.
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