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To dive or not to dive - that's not even an option
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You read it right.

A freind is organising a night dive at Capernwray in January. It will be a Saturday (TBA on availability), you can arrive when you like but the night dive will obviously be organised for afternoon/T time.

It is aimed at the relatively inexperienced or those who just wanting to have a go, so there is a briefing on night dives, a pre-dive with your buddy, and then the night dive with the same buddy so you know what's what.

The price includes a three course meal and diving. It is £26 for divers, £20 for meal only if you bring wife/hubby/whoever.

All qualified divers are welcome on the dive regardless of agancy, you just need the usual equipment, torch + backup and anything else you want.

Hope to see some of you there.

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