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The course does indeed start on the 16th, with the Basic Nitrox and two dives on the Saturday, followed by the Advanced Nitrox and a further two dives on the Sunday.

To tell the truth bro, I'm not sure if it's the best idea to add this on that same weekend for a few reasons...

It's gonna be a knackering weekend anyway, what with Saturday's theory lessons, travelling to dives, kitting dekitting, two dives, travelling back etc etc, by the time midnight comes around nobody will be wanting to leave the warmth of their particular pitch to drive off and kit up somewhere cold and dark to leap into a third dive, especially with all of the serious stuff looming Sunday morning.

Personally I'll want to be tucked up in my sack with maybe a couple of nice warm JD's sending me to sleep, Sunday's theory is going to be a ball tightener so I don't want to be too knackered and the journey to Wastwater is two hours from Andy's with a further 4 hours home from there... God I'm tired already just thinking about it.. lol!!

So.... the choice is yours gentlemen but I'd really rather not choose that particular weekend.

I'm away until the 1st of November (Did I mention I'm going to Egypt??? lol) and then its the course 16-17th but any other dates are good for me...

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