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<font color='#000080'>Hi,

I did my first night dive with Chris Loch (of EDC) to Loch Long last night. It was great. We arrived around 19.45 and were in the water for 20.00. Great dive, I have not considered night dives before as I have not got a great torch. I borrowed one from Chris and found the dive excelent. The best bit was being buzzed by a seal. Chris had mentioned on the way over that a friend of his had seen a seal before but I never expected it. It was great just buzzing us and sweeping round in tight U-turns. Chris described what he saw as "I was looking at a fish when it suddenly darted off. Looking up all the other fish were darting off into holes everywhere. Then out of nowhere I large seal swept past very close, nearly resulting in under garmet changing time.."

Great dive. On the way out at 6m due East of the rocks where you enter at Congar Alley we saw a weight pouch. We left it there as it was a great sign that we were at the right point to exit. Just follow the loch botton slope at 6m until we found it again. Then right turn and exit. So if you or anyone you know lost a weight pouch then get in touch and describe it to me and I'll arrange for its return.

Dave C

I also dived with Peter K on Sunday at the same spot, so I'll see if he lost one too.
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