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I bought a Niterider light at LIDS. One side partially flooded on a recent shallow drift (light kept working though).

Item returned to US on 13th May (using Niterider's UPS account) and it is fixed and back in the UK today (28th May) and will be delivered to me today or tomorrow latest.

If anyone bought one and, like me, had some worries about what would happen if something went wrong then don't worry.

My thanks to Niterider for sorting it out. Obviously there is no reason why they shouldn't, I'm just grateful it went so smoothly.

Oh, in case you're interested the leak was caused by an overtightened screw in the lamp casing.

Bye the bye, have you seen the sea today! Off Hastings it is as flat as a pancake and glinting in the bright sunlight. The forecast is to stay the same for a while and I have a days diving booked in for Saturday. YIPPEEEEEEE!
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