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<font color='#000F22'>Dan,

I did the BSAC Adv Nitrox course some time back. It proved a very useful and enjoyable course. I continued to dive with the BSAC nitrox until I decided I wanted to go the TDI trimix route. At this point I converted over to TDI Adv nitrox. The main difference being that BSAC provide tables for 27,32,36 % O2 where as most/ all others calculate the air equivilant depth and use air tables.

For your sort of diving high %O2 are not required. Even on my 40m+ all i did was sling or side mount a 50% mix, and this proved more than adequate at the time. BSAC only qualifies you upto 50% O2.

As for the cost of 220 euros that seems fair as i paid approx £165 to convert to TDI not 3 months ago.

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