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Quote[/b] (Driftwood @ Jan. 08 2004,12:13)]I'm (hopefully) doing my Basic & Advanced within the next 6-8 weeks with ol' Hayhurst - I'd say he is definitely worth a looksee if you are planning on doing your course


So if anyone fancies watching Drifty make a prat of himself (again) with a twinset (again) let me know
Fancy it?? I'll be selling tickets and deck-chairs for the event mate!  

I can thoroughly recommend using Andy (DALESDIVER) Hayhurst too: Fiona and I did the TDI combined Basic and Advanced Nitrox course with him about three years ago (still got to do mi Deco Procedures) - comprehensive, well taught, clear and he's a genuinely decent chap to boot!

Good luck!
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