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Just when you thought you had enough battery power!

just spoken to a supplier in the UK, while i was trying to source a universal battery charger capable of charging my 1800mAh, he said if you want some new ones we are selling 2000mAh (£9.99 for 4) in a week or 2!!!

Twin PowerStation
A charger for AA & AAA NiCd & NiMH which can be
powered both from the mains and the car! (UK
adaptor and cigar cord included). It uses electronic
charge control for overcharge protection and auto
switches over from normal charge to a maintenance
charge. LED indicators for each state of charger.
Supplied complete with 4 x 1800mAh NiMH
[TPS] £29.99

Rapid PowerStation.
New from Hahnel, a fast (and safe) charger for your
NiMH AA & AAA batteries. A set of fully discharged
1600mAh batteries can be recharged in about 2 hours!
It uses a progressive charge control which automatically
adjusts to the capacity, quality and age of battery if
required to safeguard the battery. An LED charge
control indicator for each battery on charge showing
charge progress in 3 steps and battery fully charged.
Worldwide (110/240V) operation.
[RPS] £39.99

the RPS

the RPS also comes with 4 1800mAh batteries (typo mistake on the pdf file.

here is the contact details: Keene Electronics +44 (0)870 990 9000
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