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(Non Diving) Classic Mini for sale

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I suppose it can be diving, I took it with me to Weymouth last week to go diving. Right, sorry for the longness of this, but there's a lot of info I wanted to put down about it. We'll be sticking it on ebay in a few days. £1500 is a reasonable price for for this I think but willing to negotiate if need be. more pics down bottom, ooo errr. Not in a major rush to sell though so won't be taking crap money for what is a great little car, some clown on ebay has already stuck in an offer of £800, yet he's trying to sell one in worse condition than this, with no engine for £1350 lol.

Yellow 1981 Austin Mini HL 998cc complete with Mr Bean Teddy Bear
A reliable car by any standard, even more so for a car that is 29 years old. My girlfriend uses this car daily to commute to work (30 miles each way) and the car is as good as gold. She has decided she wants a new VW Beetle, which unfortunately means the sale of “Erica”.
Viewing, and any inspection, is welcomed but please do only come to view if you are seriously considering buying. The car comes with a pile of receipts and history, all of the MOT’s are there which show mileage over the years to confirm it is genuine. The mini has had an unleaded cylinder head fitted so no need to dilly around with petrol additives.
MOT expires October 2010
Tax expires end April 2010 but will be retaxed if not sold by then, and price adjusted accordingly
We have owned the car since November 2008 and besides small initial problems (clutch slave leaking, dodgy spark plugs) has been utterly reliable. The engine starts without any hesitation and kept on the move throughout the winter. The car is in a good mechanical and structural condition, and no welding was needed underneath for the MOT. No advisories for subframes or the usual MOT woes. The only welding needed was a patch inside the boot where the subframe bolts to the boot floor, and a tiny piece inside each door frame at the bottom. The holes were each the size of “o” on your keyboard but MOT man was having a fussy day I suppose. The rear subframe has been wire brushed and painted with hammerite anti-rust paint and is in good solid condition. There is the odd sign of a rust bubble here and there, but nothing an afternoon with filler and sandpaper won’t cure. We have some touch up paint for it too, and the colour code is with the paperwork in case you need more paint in the future. If you would like specific pictures of any part of the car just ask and I’ll happily oblige.
Work done since buying the car includes replacement of the following parts. All parts brand new unless stated otherwise.
November 2008 to June 2009

Clutch master cylinder
Clutch slave cylinder
Brake fluid
Brake shoes (all four wheels)
Brake cylinders (rear)
Brake drums (rear)
Wheel Bearings (rear)
Starter solenoid
Spark plugs, oil, oil filter, coolant, air filter (non disposable) cleaned and refitted
Pedal rubbers
Carpet (black with yellow piping/trim)
Hazard light relay
Hazard light switch
Gear knob
Window seals (all windows) with chrome fillet insert in front and rear screens
Door seals (both)
Speakers (on parcel shelf)
Centre console
Pioneer CD player
CV boot (one fitted, the other is supplied with car for when needed)
Chrome mirrors
Chrome boot light surround (second hand)
Chrome bumpers (second hand)
Seats (second hand) from later model with head rests

July 2009 to March 2010

Oil and oil filter
Genuine Mini Lite alloy wheels (second hand)
Locking wheel nuts (one on each wheel, new)
Wheel nuts
Tyres on all four wheels
Steering rack gaiter
Tie-rod ball joints (both sides)
Throttle cable
Windscreen washer pump
Rear fog light

April 2010-04-20
HT leads
Spark plugs, oil, oil filter,

Left to do
Fit new interior light (bulb and lense missing)
Fit bonnet edge piece of trim which makes top of grill

Work which needed doing for the last MOT.

Rear fog light wasn’t working, replaced with new one.
2 small holes along bottom of door opening (1 each side) next to where the door rubber runs.
Welding where rear sub frame mounts to boot floor, drivers side rear.
Steering rack gator split, replaced with new one (done properly and full of grease not sliced and glued on!)
Headlight alignment

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is the girlfriend included?:D
Yeah, two for one. Ones a knackered old ride with a sloppy gearbox, the others a nice clean mini. I'm dead if she sees that :(
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this is what it looked like when she bought it... a solid shell and low mileage, good sounding engine basically.

a scary moment when I was spraying it, i think we'll all agree that this does not look yellow!! Luckily when it dried it was the right colour after all, and I still have my dangleberries.

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Can't believe you got rid of the checkerplate door panels! Class!!
Can't believe you got rid of the checkerplate door panels! Class!!
i got £20 for them :D someone bought it for their 17 year old who tried to do it up with his dad, his dad being the one with the skills, son being one with hair brained ideas. he ran out of money before he even learnt to drive and had to sell it. should have seen the exhaust that i put in the bin. huge stainless steel thing that was like a sewer pipe, cost me £70 in labour from a garage to undo the exhuast system he'd created so a standard RC40 exhaust would fit back on. its got an aftermarket air filter on with some custom piping welded and bolted on, i've left it on 'cos it looks bling and doesn't have any negative effect on it.

the best thing was those original burberry style seats which after chucking in the bin had someone contact me offering silly money for them :(
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