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Years ago,( I was in my mid 20s), I visited a local estate agents to enquire after a property I had seen while driving past. My enquiry got the reply " sorry it`s out of your price range".
Apparently the house had been advertised incorrectly in the paper, but that was his response to me in front of 3 other people.
Twenty years later I really had to bite my tounge when we were buying the new gaff through the same agents.
In my experience estate agents are all lying tossers, as for mortgages Natwest and Nationwide were both pain free, N&P were cocking amateurs and Abbey(who bought N&P) a rip off. I`ve been lucky with solicitors as well, though if I had got the wife instead of the husband at the last practice it could have been a very different experience apparently.
Now you have to set up the utilities, council tax and tv licence(who have probably allready had an enforcement team around from my experience).
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