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Purchased new less than two years ago to replace a 26" Toshiba CRT TV, I always wished I'd bought slightly bigger! I have now replaced it with a 26" LCD that is HD ready and the 20" is too big for our bedroom, and my son is not interested in having it to replace his 21" CRT. I'd have liked to use it as a PC screen, but sadly, it doesn't have PC input! It is also not HD Ready.
It has one scart input plus A/V input and S-Video inputs to allow you to plug in a DVD player/freeview box etc. and comes complete with original remote, instruction manual and power lead.
Model number is:RZ-20LA70
Cost £379 when purchased new, so would like iro £175, but will also take sensible offers.
Buyer collects.
PM please if interested.
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