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North Wales Vizometer?

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Has anyone managed to get in the water off of North Wales/Anglesey recently and have any idea of the viz?

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A few guys from my club did Porth Dafarch on Saturday. Apparently it was like soup.
we did raven head gully on sunday and were lucky if we got 1m viz :(
Ach... Expected as much... Will have to drop down to the North Lleyn to avoid the plankton bloom... Cheers guys...

We tried the Penrhos yesterday, 5 miles off shore from Colywn Bay near the bird filters... Viz around 2/3m... Plankton bloom very much in full swing and no sign of the jellies as of yet... If it holds to form, it'll start to improve mid/late June...
Vis is a good 8m around Abersoch, St Tudwal's etc.
If you go south from Anglesey the vis is pretty good, around 6-8m below 30m, but there's a lot of snot in the water till you get to depth, and it's a bit dark.
was on the derbent on saturday fabulous day but the viz was a bit poor again full of plankton estimate about 3 mtrs viz max

Dived Trefor Pier a couple of weeks ago with Robin Jones and The Goat. Vis about 3m.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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