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Northern red Sea issues

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Some people are telling me that they won't let you dive with a knife or gloves in the red Sea !
Isn't this a bit hazardous?
Can they really stop you on a day boat?
What if you get a entanglement situation, fishing wire or nets.  Or shark attack, I would like to think I had some form of defence!
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If you really want to cut something in the Red Sea (which is very unlikely) then take scissors.

On the couple of occasions I have been we have been once told not to wear gloves, and once politely asked.  UNless you have a medical reason like John, I cannot for the life of me think why you would want to wear them.  You won't be touching anything, so you don't need them for protection, and the warmer water makes diving without having to wear them a rare luxury that, personally, I enjoy!
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You can see their point, Paul.  Ok, so a red DSMB is usual here, for a "I am here" signal when surfacing, usually away from the shore.  However what use is it where very few, if any, others know it's meaning?

A red signal could well mean distress, at worst, but at best it won't keep the RIB drivers away as they won't know what it is.  It could even encourage them over for a look!

The local protocol is to surface right up against the reef wall and if you follow this then you should be just as ok as surfacing under an SMB in the UK.  


1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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