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Just pulled this from Joe Burnell on the the BSAC Forum.

I'm gonna do Narvik before I die. Got to.


[Joe Burnell wrote]:

"I am looking to fill places on a trip to Norway this summer: 21st to 28th June 2003. Would anyone in your club be interested? If you could pass or forward this, I would be grateful.

Joe Burnell
Chiltern Divers BSAC 1590
01525 384533
0773 4059009


Boat Jane R (Liveaboard see DIVE)

Location Norwegian fjords from Bergen

Diving Wrecks - intact and almost undisturbed. There is a policy of no taking of artefacts in Norway. The wrecks have not been clipped or wired to remove obstructions to shipping either. Lots of marine life and great vis 20+ metres. Most sites were sitting on a bottom of 30m or sitting on their sterns at depth (60m possibly more) but with their bows at 10m. (similar position to the Ronda, Sound of Mull).

Nitrox available on board

Cost includes bed, all food, diving, air (nitrox extra), cylinders (6 15 litre and 6 12 litre cylinders on board), weights.
Bergen round trip £500/week Sat to Sat

More details contact myself
Related link: Nordic Diving "
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