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Hey John,

Just dragged this off the BSAC site - thought you might be interested?


I've got three spaces available on a liveaboard trip to Norway.
The timings are as follows;

Friday 16th May 2003 = Depart Newcastle for Bergen by ferry.
Saturday 17th May 2003 = Arrive Bergen.

Loadsa' cracking divin'
All wrecks, no reefs or any of that scenic stuff (strictly no stripey fish
Depths; Most the wrecks sit on slopes, so start shallow and go on down to
60m+. This is classic pick your depth computer diving country with cracking
viz and portholes everywhere.

Saturday 24th May 2003 = Depart Bergen for Newcastle by ferry.
Sunday 25th May 2003 = Arrive Newcastle.

Cost; £500 for the dive boat per person all inclusive + £163 for the ferry
based on a two berth en suite cabin.

For more details contact me direct. [email protected]

The Boat; <a href="http://www.divescotland.uk.com

Related" target="_blank">http://www.divescotland.uk.com

Related</a> link: http://www.cartoonists.co.uk/adegorst

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Not being a wrecks-only or even mainly-wrecks diver, I personally don't understand why they exclude scenic diving. You can dive wrecks almost anywhere but there is nowhere in Europe that has such good scenic diving as Norway, in my opinion. I would certainly be up for some wrecks too but I wouldn't consider going to Norway without doing a lot of scenic diving. That'd be like going to Scapa and not diving any wrecks. The boat looks good though. I wonder where they go from Bergen – it's not clear from the description of the trip.
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