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My favorite dive site is at Überlingen on Lake Constance, the German side. An almost perpendicular climb down the bank to the water (take a rope with you), then a 10 meter swim in approx. 5 meters depth to the edge of the wall. The wall is very flat and almost completely covered in tiny freshwater mussels of some sort and in summer with freshwater sponges.

As you dive along the wall, you come up to a metal cable that has been set into it. If you follow the cable down to approx. 25 meters, you will find a telephone attached to it. A few meters away, a shelf has been mounted on the wall with yet another telephone sitting on the shelf, with a sign saying *for emergencies only*.

Plastified copies of Playboy and other magazines of that ilk are also provided for light entertainment.

Other than that, the dive is dark below 15 meters, murky and very cold....

I can definitely recommend it :)

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