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Hey guys, here is a slightly buggered about with version of a notice im putting around to all my mates.

As i say on it, if you want to come, please give me a shout.  If i dont get any interest by about 15th December im going to scrap it and go back to Scapa (again).

Here are some dates for the planned trip to Oban.  We need to make our minds up about when we would like to go, as I suspect that these dates will fill up pretty quick after Christmas.

Week ends available in May:
15th & 16th
22nd & 23rd
29th & 30th
Week ends available in June:
5th & 6th.

Other stuff:

Accommodation b&b is from £25 per night on the sea front close to the Mishnish.
All equipment can and generally is left on the boat overnight.
Bottles are left at the compressor shed overnight and collected in the morning .
12lt bottles £2.50  15lt £3.50 this years price hopefully will remain same for 2004.
I’m not sure about the availability for Nitrox for those who want to use it, I will chase this up if we decide there are enough people to go.  There are others from the various groups I have dived with over the season interested (mostly from down south) in going for a week.

If you want to come, please get back to me via email or give me a phone.

Take care and happy diving

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<font color='#000F22'>Interested in possibly joining you. The only w/end free is 29/30 may, posssibly 15/16 if i can arrange babysitter. Would rather make a long w/end of it as travelling from S.Wales. Will check with wreck buddy if he's interested. We would require nitrox if we're coming although can decant our own if req'd. However if you are planning a week on a liveabord from Oban that would be more appealing.

let me know

gareth davies

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<font color='#000080'>I'm on if we're going 29/30 May or 5/6 June - can't do the other dates.

Post the dates once the decision is made and I'll sign up if it's one of the above.
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