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I want it all....
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OK, the story is this, a mate of mine owns some garages and a bloke did a moonlight owing him rent a couple of years ago. The bloke subsequently died.
A couple of weeks ago he cleared out the garage and came accross some diving gear. I have bagsied the weights and 15l cylinder but there is a also a drysuit, undersuit and fins.
The suit would fit someone of medium build, about 5'9-6'0 (neither of us could try it due to being big boned) with about size 7 or 8 feet. It has an old style inflator which would probably need changing. I cannot see any holes/tears in it and the zip seems ok but I don't know a lot about dry suits so I cannot say it's ok, might leak like a sieve from the seams (some of the seams have gone a bit brown, as can be seen in the photo).
I'm open to offers...
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