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The top of my garden gates, made of wood, are rotten and split.

It is/was my intention to use car body filler to fill the holes etc so:-

1. Any recommendations for a paint-on wood hardener to help preserve the remaining wood before filling.

1. I thought of car filler because it would/should be very hard and tough and can deal with heat changes and flexing.

Any recommendations and advice greatly received.

Until now woody thoughts have not really been DIY oriented! :)

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There is a product called molding mortar which will do a much better job. You will need a primer coat of P12 which will act as a decent consolidator for the wood as well.

Its a two part epoxy based material which is hand mixed and hand formed.
Either use a preservative on the timber first or make sure its totally dry when you apply the consolidator / primer. If not it will rot under the primer coat and fail.

Make sure you scrape / rout out all loose and friable material before applying the primer and mortar. Its only as good as what its stuck to.

It will cost more than car body filler but then it will last 10X longer.

Over paint it with a conventional colored wood stain.

Dave's web site is crap but he can supply you with what you need.

Joinery & Cosmetic - Surface Repairs

Look for Molding Mortar and Primer Liquid below
Timber Repair and Treatment

Ask for Dave Moore or Angela and tell them I sent you

You wont get a discount but I might :D


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