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OK folks - in order to finance a new housing for my Canon, the following kit is up for sale - all less than 2 years old

Olympus C4040Z digital camera - mint condition, used 4 times underwater and once or twice topside. This has 4.1 million pixels and is the version before Olympus upgraded to the 5050. Includes soft camera case with pockets for cards/batteries etc, manuals and all leads to connect to a PC. Also included is the Camedia software and a copy of photoshop 7. In addition I will include a topside Olympus TCON-14 topside conversion lens that gives up to 1.45 times magnification

Olympus PT010 underwater housing - made for the 4040, this housing has NEVER leaked and works down to 30m (its been to 33m). The housing has the usual scratches from normal UW handling and use but other than that operates as new.

Epoque DCL-20 wide angle lens - great for those underwater shots. Screws directly onto the housing. Its in great condition but again has the usual scratches from normal use.

Uniross ultrafast battery charger with 8 x 2000mAh AA NiMH batteries (2 sets of 4). Fully charged, a set will last a full dive in cold water for a full dive, even with the camera LCD screen permanently on and fulltime autofocus permanently on. Also includes a lead to use a car cigarette lighter for charging when on the move.

Close up lens set - comprises 3 diopter lenses (+1,+2,+4) that screw to the housing to give up to 7 times magnification for close up work - never used

Smartmedia cards - 3 x 128MB cards and one 16MB card. The 128MB cards will hold up to 140 pics taken in high quality mode. You wont need any more storage capacity !!

Belkim card reader - for transferring images to your PC without draining your camera batteries !!. This is a USB connection and includes software/manual etc etc

Carry case - Jessops carry bag to put it all in !! This is a padded soft case that has enough space to put all of the above plus a lot more in it. Carry handle or shoulder strap come with it.

`The art and technique of underwater Photography` by Martin Webster - excellent hard backed book to give you the basics of underwater photography

I want £500 for the lot.

If you are interested, I go to Cape regularly so can bring the kit for viewing, can supply some pics and can answer any queries. This is a full start kit (cost about £1000 when purchased new) - you wont need anything else (unless you want a strobe which I am not selling).

PM me if you are interested - this will be advertised on other sites in 2 weeks time.


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