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Ok Dave - I can only comment on the OMS stuff cos thats what I have experience of.

To be honest, I'd give the OMS wing etc a miss because:

1. Double bladder is VAST overkill unless you fancy doing a John Bantin type dive to 300m with several stage bottles etc. It is bulky and supplies unnecessary lift for most types of rec diving (even including standard deco)

2. Would rather you had a steel backplate if diving in a dry suit - more durable and means you can take weight off your belt / harness

3. The IQ harness is, again, unnecessarily complicated (its a half way house between a BCD and a wing harness)

I nearly did the same as you and went for a good deal on basically the same system. Glad now I didn't. I LOVE my OMS kit - well made etc but I use the single 45lb bladder, basic harness and steel backplate and I am glad now I listened to advice and waited until I got what I really needed.

Don't mean to piss on your bonfire, but thats my thoughts on the OMS bit of your question.
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