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Dave, check out the following link about the Mares titanium/Abyss  


I have the V16 1st stage and the Abyss reg with axis Octopus and I have found it a very well made and sweet piece of kit, you will find it performing and giving you the same flow constantly with very little breathing resistance whether youre at 6 metres or 50 or inverted. They are very well made and reliable but expensive to buy new , if I was diving single cylinder set up then Thats the piece of kit I use , the MR22 is the model above mine so I guess you will find that it is better in the way of performance and  positioning of the HP/LP hose outlets

The downfalls of Mares products are that they cost you that little bit more for the servicing and parts but then again so it would if you had a decent car and had to get that serviced.

Has the one you looking to buy had a cold water kit fitted to it ?? they again cost around 40 squid
I have not had the chance to play around with mine and have a look at the internals because I normally get it serviced at a Mares Dealer (except for the bodged din conversion that got done to it which I mentioned in a previous post)
the 2nd stage requires a screwdriver if you want to strip it down so youre self reliability of fixing it under water is not good but then again I have just over 200 dives on mine , most of them were shallow shore dives in the med with lots of sand and debris kicking around whilst taking try-dives and I never had a problem of things getting into it.
Its good that you may be able to get it for St abbs , Id say to give it a try definately - BTW how much is the guy asking for it on its own ??
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