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Hi peeps
Can I get all your thoughts on the following please as I have a chance to buy it... Now be aware that some of this stuff might not be YOUR first choice and not mine either, but as it all comes from one guy who's giving it up due to health problems it comes as a package, so be a little flexible.. I'm hoping not to be attacked by DIR afficiados

1. OMS dual bladder wing with IQ pack and ali plate
2. Twin 10ltr Fabers, S.S. banded, manifolded and OMS valve guard (great for when I invert)
3. Mares MR22 Abyss Titanium reg
4. Posiedon Jetstream reg (I think its a Jetstream)
5. ScubaPro Canister torch, + charger, clamp (very sexy!)
6. US Divers triple console
7. ScubaPro SPG
8. Aladin Pro computer (87% battery)
9. Typhoon Ranger Membrane Drysuit (Self donning zip)
10. ScubaPro dive bag with 2 x Reg bags, DSMB/Reel Knife, Hood, Fins, Ankle weights and the usual array of diving stuff.

Everything is in mint condition and hasn't been used in a year as this guy wasn't sure what to do....

I'm only interested in items 1 - 6 and I'm hoping to sell the rest, plus my own rig, and then only have to stump up the difference.... I can buy it all for a grand.... about £999 more than I can afford yes, but I've gotten a chubby for it and I'm throwing this out to you guys for advice on whether I should go for it or not.

I'm quite often an impulse buyer and need to control myself at times but this all seems like top notch very expensive stuff that I can get my hands on now, and even tho given the money to spend on kit, this stuff would probably not be on my list I feel that its a good rig and a good opportunity

Thoughts and advice please from my esteemed YD buddies (sic)

Oh... BTW I think I've convinced him to let me bring it to Abbs for a dusting down and right good testing :thumb:
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