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hmmm.. open circuit revisited...
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<font color='#008080'>As a long term user of a homebuilt jobby very similar this one the first look at this offer is good...

HOWEVER.. check what the deal actually includes for the usd 100..

.. if it includes what is on the picture only, then you need to at least also buy the T-piece (usd 8), chrome plated DIN connector (usd 22) separately (or build your own)..
You are now getting close to a price of ukp 100 (assuming no shipping or import costs)..
You can usually get an analyser for about that at the dive show..

I have no shares in Analox, but have recently bought one of their new analysers - see: http://www.analox.net/site/content_o2e2.php

This type of analyser is so much less hassle to use on a boat, with no hardware to connect, no cables to get wet -  especially in a bit of a swell, when its raining etc that I have binned my old analyser immediately...

If you are a BSAC instructor or buy more than 10 units you can get the analox for ukp 140 with full warrenty.. well worth the extra money and a local product too in case you should have problems.. but so far I have found mine to be pretty  bombproof..  

Just my two pence worth.

If you do go for the cheapo analyser a replacement sensor (M25 or D01) can be had in the uk for around ukp 27 from

Omni Components
4 Percy Street,
CV1 3BY, England.
Tel: (44) 024 7622 5757
e-mail: [email protected]

(Price as of 2000)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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