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this mail was sent to Alex Deas on monday januari 2 2012

Dear Alex,

happy New Year to you also, and a good 2012.

As you have noticed, I have till now not reacted to the content of your newsletter 15, where a lot of things are written on our products that do not reflect the reality. You know this, as I have shown proof of this to you on multiple occasions.. but you did not correct your newsletter: so I can only imagine that you use the technique of 'discrediting competitors by publishing false information' as a 'marketing tool' to promote yourself/your product.

I had hoped, by not reacting, that you would stop writing false information on our products in the coming newsletters, so I was waiting to see your next issue... sadly again, you could not resist in doing again what you have been doing for years. Just one example:

8.C: testing inhouse and at the external lab: you know, as we have shown, and as is official, that the final testing for the CE type approval of the rEo III , was done at the ANSTI lab in the UK, because, very simple, it would have been impossible to get the WOB values in horisontal position (2.00 J/l), that, as you correctly point out in your letter, can not be done in our 600mm chamber. ? So why make people believe that the testing was not done in an external lab?
? why write that RINA would cheat on the CE type approval, when you know they did it right?

You do understand that we also can publish stories on Deeplife and OSEL, that we even can make up thing to put you in 'bad daylight'. Is it this you want to achieve? (although there is no need to 'make things up', as there is enough 'real' information available for publishing!

Please do the effort to correct your newsletter by removing the false statements on our testing and on RINA, and keep your newsletter to data regarding your own products: it will be far more appreciated by both your customers and your non-customers

for rEvo rebreathers
Paul Raymaekers
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