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Open water diver course

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When I get some decent leave I would like to do an open water course somewhere where there is a bit of sun. I will have in tow a non diving wife and daughter. Anyone got any ideas for a good place, say, Malta or Sharm or even somewhere closer to home. Thanx in advance. Mikkum.
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I did mine at Calipso in Lanzarote. Quite a lot to do on the Island other than diving, car hire's cheap so you can do the tourist bit. They are a good outfit and would recomend them to anyone. They seem a bit shambolic above water (they arent - just seem it) but top notch once in the water.

Avoid the Summer hols if you can, Easter is better, fewer people in the bars/restaurant/beaches.

Let me know if you need anymore info.

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<font color='#0000FF'>You may find the Canaries a better option than Malta / Sharm only because it has more facilities and attractions for non-divers. Agree totally with what Matt said but sometimes its hard to avoid busy periods.
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Dear Mikkum

Obviously I will suggest Tenerife :) There are enough activities in addition to the beach to keep families with children busy and well entertained.

The island is large and diverse, with climate zones ranging from rain forest to desert all within a day's trip.

Aside from the usual tourist stuff such as bungee jumping, there are mountain biking trips, tours to Guimar for the history buff...

For a quiet holiday in a small town with nice beach, I suggest Abades-children can walk around without much supervision and there are no crowds. Abades has no hotel, but if you are interested, I can inquire about self-catering bungalow accomodation, the price will be about 35 euros per day (not person, but for the whole apartment).

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<font color='#000F22'>Dont go to Sharm

The diving is so fantastic every thing after that will be a let down

No seriously

The dive boat goes out all day so expect to leave at 8am and be back about 5 - 6. There is a limited amount for wife and kids to do and Sharm has come a Looooooong way in the last two years. Proper roads a huge shoping complex etc,

Malta is good because most of the diving is shore bassed but I dont know what there is to do on land. We just eat drink and dive.

So I second the Canaires.

Good luck

Mark Chase
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