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Anyone want to help?

Bubs - Freshwaterdiver1 cant dive any more after 20 plus years in the Lakes here in Cumbria :sad: but we (wife & I) also got to do a lot overseas in the Bahamas, Caribb, Red Sea and many other glamour places, like yourselves - but rather than be sorry for ourselves, we have discoverd we sure can make films on YouTube about diving in The Lake District :)
Many might recall our Freshwaterdiver.com web site? Its down right now, but has been updated and presently looking for a new home.

In the meantime during the lockdown, we started updating all our YouTube footage, with new footage of Furness Divers, Eden Valley & Penith Divers, "showing everyone" the access points, terrain situation, along with a new film format that takes into account those members of the group / family, who are unable to dive & would rather be somewhere else?! while you dive.

Hope you all enjoy these - We've also started our "Guided Tours" showing you the danger hot spots on certain roads, like Horses, Bikers, Bikes and where Cars etc, fly off the road and into the Lake whilst they are sight seeing :rain: plus some close calls for us!

Plenty of underwater film clips by us, along with Treasure find chats and many memorable events with weapon finds, bomb finds, sunken paddle steamers - you name it.

We would love to hear from you about what you want to see more of, or less of in the films!
Are we giving you too much data in the text and voice overs or is it fine?

And if you enjoyed? then please give us a 'push & get out there' boost with a 'like & sub' which would be much appreciated.

Regardless - we hope they are of value when planning your dive in Cumbria.
Your welcome to use the YT comments section to ask questions about any lakes - please note that school children may be using our info for school projects.

In ending - there has been no ceasation of water sport activity in the Lakes - and since June its been packed out solid on every lake.
Parking is very diffiucult as you will see in the films, so lots of advise there, but we have also filmed & explained new parking area(s) and footpath(s) in the films.

Thanks everyone - enjoy a great & safe dive - let me know if your coming up! Our email is available on the YT channel.
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