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The length of your thingy is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to fitting a p-valve. It's all squidged around anyway and the valve has a couple of feet of hose on it so a few inches don't make much difference.

IMHO, the reason for choosing the place of the p-valve should be:

1) Not on the inside of your leg otherwise it will rub when you walk.
2) Not on the front of your leg otherwise you'll keep knocking it
3) Somewhere that's easy to reach with your arm.

Therefore mine is in the "10 o'clock" [1] position if you were to take a section of my right leg - ie on the inside but not too much on the inside.

Heightwise it's about midway between my kneecap and the crotch of my trousers.


[1] - yes there is an el in there.
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