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I wanted to do this a few years ago...means you aren't wasting your holiday sat in a class room! In the end it was far more expensive to split the course into two and I thought I would probably lose something with the lack of continuity and the slightly different ways of teaching a skill etc.

If I were you I would just read the Rescue Diver book, watch the DVD and do all the knowledge reviews before you go out. Then it would be just some brief theory tailored to your knowledge reviews and exam results. If you choose somewhere like Dahab, the 'pool sessions' are actually in a confined water enviroment in the sea, so it is much nicer than going in a pool anyway.

It might be worth doing a First Aid course in England though. You will need a certificate for the Rescue Diver course.

If you do choose Dahab, I would recommend Penguin Divers. Ahmed is definitely one of the better instructors I have met out there and I know he is still there at the moment.
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