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I wanted to know how everyone manages removal of suit after a dive where the pee valve has been used.

Let's say we're on a Scapa liveaboard.

- The system is "full", no air can enter through the mushroom valve to break the air lock, so it remains full.
- You go to take of your suit, and release the quick-disconnect
- Now, air can freely enter the system. The side connected to your dingle proceeds to empty into your leg, the side connected to the suit either drains out of the valve onto the deck (better hope the crew don't see) or alternatively into your leg.

You could perhaps prevent it from draining down the outside of the suit by closing it off, but that just means you've got a tube of pee to empty somewhere, hopefully not into the suit.

So the best I can come up with is:

1. Unzip and get arms and head out of suit.
2. Go and find an "approved" wet area to drain down - perhaps stand on the lift if the boat has one (on Valkyrie I remember them telling someone to stand on the lift if they need a pee).
3. Reach inside and squeeze the catheter end to remove as much fluid as possible.
4. Open quick disconnect just enough to allow air to replace the fluid
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the tube is fully drained
6. Rinse down your leg with a hose or water bottle.

I'm new to this so I imagine its a problem that people have solved before. So... how does everyone else void a sticky suit/wet feet?
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