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<font color='#0000FF'>Pensioner's snorkelling trip ends in 19-hour nightmare

A Japanese man who thought he would go snorkelling on his 70th birthday ended up becoming stranded at sea for 19 hours.

Hideo Murasugi thought he would try something new for his birthday. But he had a 19-hour swim for his life after being swept out to sea by a strong tide.

Mr Murasugi set off on his first snorkelling expedition at a reef on the southern Japan island of Ishigaki.

His family reported him missing when he didn't return that evening and authorities sent out a search party, according to Ishigaki Maritime Safety Department spokesman Kazuo Toji.

Mr Murasugi swam ashore unaided after spending the night dog-paddling and floating in the water while he waited for the tide to turn.

Nineteen hours after entering the water, he made it to shore, Mr Toji said.

Mr Murasugi told officials he had been swept out to sea but realised he was not far from shore when night fell and he was still able to see lights.

Mr Murasugi said: "Having snorkelled for my first time, I've experienced enough marine leisure for a lifetime."

Andy's advice, " try Bingo down ya local OAP's club "  
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