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just done 5 days in oben and been pissed for the most of it, im gona need a week to detoxify, lol

now i have allways been a bit of a piss head, but i find im right at home in the diving comunaty
90% of the divers i know drink too much and too oftern

is this just me or are all divers pissheads?

lets here your tales of pissed up divers

i will start lol
went on a diving explosives course in bovi, we was good m8s with the instructure, 1 drink lead to several others and by thr end of the night (6am) we was drinking every conbanation of cocktale you could imagen lol,
back at the digs, (bovis bunk house for 15) we all went to bed, but then one pissed up indevidual who needed the toilet just stood up on his bed and had a piss, now as he was on the top bunk and empted his full blader, it dident take to long to work its way to the bottom bunk, result 1 wet sleeping diver, the now empty blader diver realising his bed was wet went to the next closest bed and proceaded to evict the ocupent, got in and went to sleep, leaving chaos and wet pissed off divers arround him,

no guessing who the pissed up diver was?

and setting explosives with a humongas hangover is not recomended

it was the first time out with my new club, its good to make lasting impreasions lol
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